Thanks so much for the awesome food.  It was all excellent and everything was perfect.  You all got on with everything so quietly and efficiently we hardly knew you were here and I didn’t even notice you leave.  I have never had caterers in my house for a small function so I was a little nervous of us all falling over each other and getting in each other’s way but you did it all very professionally, thanks very much.

Of course you can come collect your things, the only time there is no-one here is between 12 and 1pm, otherwise you can come anytime.

Thanks again.


10/10 for all courses.

Food : Excellent and stunning presentation of food

Food : Taste – delicious

Debbie (coordinator) dealing with you : Excellent, efficient and hassle free. She was 100% on top of


Staff: very pleasant waiters and they were on the ball and willing to help in all areas as with the Kitchen Staff : Great, they got on with the job quietly and we hardly knew they were there.

How they left the kitchen and working area : Very neat and tidy.

Would you use their services again.

Definitely, the whole team was excellent, totally unobtrusive, they brought everything they needed and overall they did a brilliant job. Without me asking Debbie she even brought her own Christmas décor for

the buffet table which were lovely candles and a huge bunch of flowers to match my colour scheme.

I would highly recommend Debbie and her team for any event. We had a delicious meal which was presented beautifully and we had a hassle free evening.

toastie brie and cranberry

capresse salad